Finding Your Skin's Correct Foundation

Updated: May 23, 2019

The struggle is real! How many times have you walked into your local pharmacy, walmart or your favourite makeup store to find the perfect foundation for yourself every other month? You stand there scratching your head because there so many different types, colours and brands, and they all say that they are the best ones and state " lasts up to 12 hours, transfer free, no creasing" blah blah blah .... then you have the retail agent trying to push you into purchasing into what ever one may be the hot pick of the month. So you purchase it coming to find out, it creases, it is transferable, your oily t-zone gets the best of you and pushes your foundation way leaving you with a makeup bare nose. It is very fustrating isn't it? So today I will give you a little insight on how to find the right foundation for you. The first thing you need to know, there is different types of foundation: water- based, oil - base, silicone base. So your first step is to determine what kind of skin do you have. Are you oily, dry, sensitive, combination? If you are not certain you can ask your aesthetician when you go in for your next facial, and she will be more than happy to let you know what kind of skin you may have. Once you determine your skin type or have had confirmation from your aesthetician, you can make your choice on what base your foundation needs to be. So if you are oily, you need a mattifying foundation that is water-based or silicone, and I say this because silicone acts as a filler, meaning it will fill in your pores and the sebum you produce has a harder time pushing through and leaving you cakey. If you have dry skin you will need a hydrating foundation, that has a mixed ratio of oil and water base. Sensitive it is best to stay away from silicones, and focus on water or oil, as you may be oily sensitive , or dry sensitive. Another pointer is picking your colour match, I don't know about you , but for me as a aesthetician and makeup artist, when it comes to colour matching I swatch multiple foundations that have my attention. Once I have swatched I will kill some time before making a decision.Why? you may ask, foundation oxidized, so to kill time I will read the ingredients, do other shopping in the store or go browse. As I am doing so, I watch the colour change as it dries, this will tell me if it too light or too dark for my skin tone , I will preform a rubbing test and go wash my hands to see it's effectiveness. As a professional, I have noticed over the years of my practice that there is a lot of woman out there that do not pay attention to the the pigmentation of their skin. When it comes to to colour matching you need to consider your underlying pigment. Are you pink, yellow, olive, are you neutral? this will help you tremendously when picking out your foundation. Once you have figure these few key points I have mentioned, finding the right foundation will be much easier for you ...... One more thing ladies don't forget to blend your foundation into your ears, and neck to make it look more natural :-)

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